Young Artists Showcase

The 20th and final Young Artists Showcase was held on Sunday, May 6th, 2007 at Ohlone College Smith Center for the Fine and Performing Arts. This was the last year of this outstanding annual event, supported by the Fremont Cultural Arts Council for two decades and providing hundreds of young amateur performers, ensembles, groups, artists and photographers in our community with the opportunity to experience competitive auditions and to perform on a professional stage in front of an appreciative audience.

Volunteers_BWe thank our dedicated volunteers for their dedication and hard work over many years. Although many others have contributed over the years, we especially wish to thank (from the left)  Mary Alice van Doorn, Bev Rose, Anne MacLeod, Mary Wolfe, Doris Green, Marie Matthews.

2007 YAS Showcase Winners (in order of appearance)

  • Marie Lu – piano solo, Nos. 1, 2, 4 & 6 from Six Preludes, Robert Muczynski
  • Lily & Monica Tang – vocal duet, “One Song”
  • Lulu Shu – piano solo, Ballade, Op. 47, No. 3, Frederic Chopin
  • Group Dance – Indian classical dance, “Thillana”
  • Group Dance – lyrical dance, “Candle on the Water”
  • Shannia Fu – piano solo, “The Little White Donkey”, Jacques Ibert
  • Lance Smith – vocal solo, “Caro mia ben”, Giuseppe Giordani
  • Sharon Tseung – piano solo, Pour Les Octaves, Claude Debussy
  • Athira Pratap – indian dance, “Attin Kara”
  • Group Dance – lyrical dance, “Sisters”
  • Zoe Lu – piano solo, Basso Ostinato, Rodion Schtschedrin
  • Lily Tang – vocal solo, “Flying Free”
  • Gus Lin and Jonathan Shao – piano duet, Pas Espagnol, Gavriel Fauré
  • Venus Shih – jazz dance solo “All That Jazz”
  • Dance Group – hip hop dance, “3 P.M.”
  • Gayathri and Rajeshwari Ramanathan – vocal duet, “Pannirukaiya”
  • Group Dance – semi-classical Indian dance, “Thira Nurayum”
  • Rina Li – piano solo, “Lotus Land”, Scott
  • Patty Chao – piano solo, Der Jongleur, Op 31, No. 3, Ernst Toch

The program closed with a solo performance by Kristen Del Rio, former YAS winner

Congratulations are also in order for the young winners of the Photography and Visual Arts section of the Young Artists Showcase

  • Photography – Jordan Bickett
  • Visual Arts – Adrian Chen, Athena Chow, Liang-Kuan Lee, Kaitlyn Shih, and May Wang

Honorable Mention awards went to:

  • Dance: Emma Li, Mallika Malleswaran, Anna Weideman
  • Instrumental: Rina Li and Patricia Ho, Zoe Lu and Rose Lu, Sharon Su, Melody Sun
  • Photography: Jordan Bickett, William Hsu
  • Visual Arts: Aditya Anand, Ariana Chini, Alison Fang, Viridiana Gracida, Shubna Jagannatha, Supriya Kazi, Jenny Lu, Namrita Nigam, Anna Paula Sedano, Rajeshwari Srikantan

Introductions: Alicia Marsella

Presentation of Scholarship Awards: Margaret Thornberry, President Cultural Arts Council and Mary Wolfe, Committee Chairman, Young Artists Showcase


Without these sponsors and contributors, this event would not have been possible:

Special thanks:

– for financial support:

  • Organizations: Country Club of Washington Township, Music Teachers Association, Nile Rotary, Olive Hyde Art Guild
  • Individuals: Alvin Dockter, Mary Wolfe, Corrine Young

– for special help and cooperation:

  • Steve Lacy, Spotlight
  • Caryl Dockter, Typesetting
  • Arathi Satish, Publicity
  • Dr. John Randall

– for the use of their facilities:

  • Irvington Presbyterian Church, Pastor Michael Boyland
  • Ohlone College, Christopher Booras, Adam Fresquez
  • City of Fremont, Centerville Community Center

Special recognition and thanks:

– to Ohlone TV and Arnie Loleng for videotaping and showing the 20th Annual Young Artists Showcase on Ohlone TV Channel 28 on May 11, 12 and 13


– to all the performers and visual artists, and to the supportive parents and fine teachers who have helped to nurture the talents of these young people.


  • Vocal: Kristen Del Rio, Karen McCutcheon, Glenad Squires
  • Instrumental: Carmencita Aspiras, Dan Chakin, Catherine O’Connor, Loan Nguyen
  • Dance: Joan Cauldwell, Anne Schreiber
  • Photography: Alvin Dockter, Ian Bornorth
  • Visual Arts: Beth Booth, Norman Hodgson, Peter Jacobsohn

Young Artists Showcase Committee: Doris Green, Anne MacLeod, Marie Matthews, Beverly Rose, Mary Alice van Doorn, and Mary Nell Wolfe, Chairman.