Youth Internship Program

The Fremont Cultural Arts Council is working with students, schools and local non-profit arts groups to develop and implement an internship program. This program has the dual goals of supporting the local arts, and benefiting students, who will earn service hours or other advantages, gain valuable experience, and have the opportunity to network with community leaders.

The program was announced to the arts community in February 2017, after an initial pilot program, at the FCAC All Arts Summit. Several groups signed up to participate. During the pilot, interns from local high schools:

  • Attended and participated in FCAC board meetings
  • Assisted during events, such as the Flash Fiction Contest and Art in the Park
  • Developed flyers and social media for the FCAC
  • Assisted in intern recruitment via articles in the school newspapers, flyers posted on campus and word of mouth

If your Tri-City area non-profit art group is interested in this program, please send a description of your proposed intern work to the FCAC as soon as possible. Job descriptions will be posted in early April 2017, followed by interviews later in the month, with jobs to be performed starting June 1st for community college students and July 1st for local high school students.

The job description should include a detailed list of what you would like your interns to do:

  • How many hours (per week or overall) will the intern(s) need to devote to your project?
  • Where and when will the work take place? (Note: The internships generally run 8 weeks, depending on studies, test schedules and school vacations, with the possibility of year-round work/study.)

What will the work consist of? For example:

  • Ushering or providing a check-in desk at an event
  • Developing a flyer, poster or brochure for an organization or event
  • Developing a social media campaign
  • Hanging a gallery show

What set of skills will this require, and what skills can the intern expect to develop during his or her internship?

What compensation will your organization provide?

  • Assistance with the cost of tuition, textbooks and supplies
  • Admission to events, such as concerts, seminars or theater performances
  • Service learning hours (high school students)

Your job description can be sent by email to the FCAC Intern Program Chair Anu Suresh at, or by hard copy to
Attn: Anu Suresh
Fremont Cultural Arts Council
P.O. Box 1314
Fremont, CA 94538