Art in Public Places

Fremont is a city rich in history and art, and in 2006 the FCAC started gathering information about the wealth of art found in public places in Fremont. The effort to publicise our art in public places was spearheaded by FCAC board member Margaret Talt, and resulted in a printed brochure in 2007. Eventually the FCAC and the City of Fremont, working together, developed a ‘virtual brochure’ on the city’s website. There you can discover both public art and art privately owned and available for public viewing, learn something about the people who created and commissioned these works, and a bit about the art itself. Addresses are included, so that you can see these wonderful pieces for yourself, if you like.

You may be wondering what the difference is between public art and art in public places. Public art is art purchased with public funds, usually by a tax imposed on new building in a community, while art in public places also includes art that is purchased and installed by private entities in places available to the general public. Both enrich the community, and both are included in these ‘Art in Public Places’ web pages. If you visit in person, please be especially respectful of the private property of those who have made this art available at their own expense.

Visit the City of Fremont Art in Public Places page.

The FCAC is committed to keeping these pages up-to-date. If you know of a piece that should be included, please contact the FCAC.